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Fury's Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Women

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In a previous article we ranked our Top 10 Halloween costumes for men. This one will feature all the costumes we thought would be great women costumes for Halloween. I have to let you know, ranking the women’s costumes were pretty tough.   There are so many cool costumes for women.  The cost of women's Halloween costumes are cheaper by an average of $15.  We kept the cost of the costumes between $30 and $200.


10. Kill Bill Beatrix

So sexy. It so reminds me of Bruce Lee in Game of Death roll when he faced off against Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Just sexier, that all.  Such a sexy look for any women.




9. Kill Bill Gogo Yubari

I’m sure that a lot of women out there can make this costume look so much better. I mean, school girl that looks so sweet and innocent. Piss her off for a split second, and she’ll make you bleed from your rectum.  Hmm....... Still sexy.


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8. Katniss from Mockingjay

This costume is so simple, yet its slick. A slip on and slip off, any woman can make something out of this costume.

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7. Progressive Flo

Every time I look at this picture, I start to think of all her commercials. Then I start to think about how funny her commercials are and how it stuck to my mind about "long time caller, first time listener" segment on the radio....  Then I started to think about how my insurance company’s marketing and advertisements are is so dull compared to Progressive.....  But I'm not switching!!! Great costume.

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6. Dark Angel

This costume looks like it’ll take a lot of work just to set up. The design of today’s costume, makes it a lot easier to get in and out of the madness in a matter of minutes.  I don't care who you plug into that madness, it's going to look crazy at a party.

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5. Miss Kruger

I’m confused if this should be a nightmare or not.

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4. Velma


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3. Wonder Woman

After the movie, this should be a girls hit at the parties.

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2. Caught by King Kong

So cool. It’s like being caught in Gorilla Gang football

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1. Pink Gorilla

It’s the Pink Gorilla Gang!  What else could there be?  Come on!

Happy Halloween!




Fury's Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Men

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Halloween is right around the corner. Have you thought about what you’re going to be for this Halloween? Well if you haven’t, it’s not too too late, but it’s getting pretty close.  Waiting till it's too late means waiting in line at the Party City with a costume in hand that you do not want, and doesn't even it fit you.  Now is the time if you're trying to look cool at the Halloween Bash.  You'll have to consider shipping with these costumes, but I asure you, they look pretty cool.  Not like how it used to be, costumes these days are cheaper and more exciting.  We put together a list of costumes we found pretty cool, and ranked them in order. We kept everything to below $100 except for a couple costumes.  You'll see why.

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10. Marty McFly

Come on now, who wouldn’t want to be the one that accidently travels back in time in a Delorean time machine, only trying to escape a terror attack that had killed your friend. Easy enough, it doesn’t include too much makeup and time to setup. Besides, if you happen to find your Jennifer Parker (Marty’s girlfriend), you’re not hiding behind too much costume for your own ending to the movie.

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9. Hugh Hefner


The “man” of all-time past away about a month ago. This costume should suit perfect for Halloween to celebrate the Playboy’s biggest pimp of all time.

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8. Double Occupancy

Well, if you can score with another chick wearing this costume, you’d be so ahead of the game. Guaranteed 3-some! Sort of…. I thought this costume was hilarious when I first saw it online.

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7. Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island

The series was so funny. Gilligan was always the dummy in the storyline. It’s amazing how the Skipper was always able to put up with Gilligan’s childish ways. Easy to use costume and pretty cheap.

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6. Austin Powers

Oh Behave Baby! Hopefully not when you’re Austin Powers at a party. Minus the teeth…well, you can work your magic on that, and a semi-hidden behind a wig, you can own the night on the dance floor!

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5. Pennywise Clown

If the original IT the movie didn’t scare you, you should check out the new Stephen King’s IT 2017 movie in the theaters. Scarier!! So because of that, I know this year, there should be quite a bit of Pennywise costumes running around at parties.

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4. Dr. Evil

You can’t have Austin Powers without Dr. Evil. Such a simple costume, there’s no way that you can not have a good time being Dr. Evil. Even if you were someone who was not very social, Dr. Evil will spark the conversations itself.

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3. Prince

Prince has passed away for a while now. Why not huh? Bring back the icon once known as Prince.

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2. Football Referee

Fury is a football organization. What can we say? We have to include a Referee in there somewhere. Sorry fellas, we’re going to make you a good looking Referee.....Just kidding.

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1. Fury!

Oh yes! You know it! It’s all about the Gorilla Gang!

Happy Halloween!


It's Fury vs Trojans

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mlfr natchamp article header 


Las Vegas, NV - It looks like the table is about set for Minor League Football Reports National Championship game.  On September 6, 2017, MLFR posted their new Top 25 poll.  Capital City Fury has moved up to the #1 team.   Last year Fury was ranked at the bottom end of the Top 25.  This year, they have surpassed many expectations, and are now ranked at #1 going into the National Championship game in Las Vegas.  Good job fellas.  But the work just got tougher.  They will be playing against the #2 ranked team Las Vegas Trojans in the 2017 MLFR National Championship Game on December 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.


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The Vegas Trojans have been a force in the Western Region of developmental football for years. A 227-22 all-time record is quite an impressive history as an organization itself. Accordiing the Developmental Football USA, they’re riding an 19-game winning streak after beating the Arizona State Champions – the Arizona Running Rebels, which earned their spot in the National Championship game against Capital City Fury. 


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The team is led by Head Coach Bobby Lide. Originally from California, Lide spent time playing football at the semi-professional level in tradition-rich West Texas. He moved to Las Vegas bringing with hiim that winning mentality. “With how big football is in the south, I tried to bring that mentality here,” Lide said. “I’ve been winning since I had a team. I think we’ve got eight championships and one national championship and we’ve had a lot of success these last two seasons. I go out and get the best players that want to come play. We’ve got players from California, players from Nevada, Georgia, Florida, Texas – it snowballed into the next person wanting to come. In the fall season, we had 19 guys go play indoor ball, then next think you know we had five or six more guys coming in for the fall season.”

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The Trojans are heavily stacked on the defensive side of the ball.  Tackle Zian Jones played at Syracuse, Cornerback Vincent Joseph played at USC, Cornerback Charles Ealy played at UNLV, Linebacker Robert Caldwell played at N.C. State, Offensive Lineman Jason Peacock played for Arkansas, Punter Jonathan Johnson played for Arizona State, Defensive Back Jordan Wilmore played for UNLV.  Their defense is deep.  Those players stand out, but Middle Linebacker Devon Jones has especially earned a reputation for his tenacity on the field. His work ethic off the field and on the field – he works out tirelessly. He’s a leader on the field. He’s just one of those linebacker. He’s been in the Rams camp, he’s been in the Chargers camp, he’s one of those guys that you don’t know why he’s still at this level. He’s that much above everybody else.


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Leading the offense for Vegas is former Norfolk State quarterback Brandon Brooks.  He went to Long Beach Poly, which was and is still considered to be a powerhouse team.  Then, he was on one of the top teams at this level, the Inglewood Blackhawks, when they won six champions in a row and two nationals. He is considered to be a "most wanted" quarterback on the West Coast at the moment.  Brooks is working with Wide Receivers Darrius Bracher and Gerryl Bennett, who also have college football experience. Both with stats that are pretty close to each other.  The Trojans, who play in multiple leagues year round, also added former Idaho running back Brian Flowers from the Blackhawks.

Talent alone can only get you so far, and while the Trojans have plenty of that, they also have team chemistry working in their favor. The team is based on their motto F.O.E. – "Family Over Everything."   They preach it on and off the field.  

In the BIG 8 Conference of the Pac West Football League, the Vegas Trojans started their Fall Season on August 19, 2017 primarily in southern California area. Their first week of the season on August 26, 2017 was a BYE. Their actual first game was on September 9, 2017 where they beat the California Kings 20 – 11. They will play against the West Coast Sharks on September 16, 2017 for their week 4 game.


Live. Love. Save!

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Below are a couple of links that shows some plays from HUDL of the Las Vegas Trojans versus Zion Lions.

Las Vegas Trojans vs Zion Lions



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Definitely, I wouldn't be over confident of being ranked the #1 team going into MLFR National Championship game against the Trojans.  This is going to be a greater game.  Las Vegas Trojans are a good team, and an excellent organization.  Their organization has a history of winning.  They have a coach with a history of winning.  They have a Quarterback that has a history of winning.  Their defense is built of monsters that should be playing at the NFL level.  Most importantly, they are built on the same strength in family foundation as Fury is built.  They call it "Family Over Everything".  Fury calls it the "The Gorilla Gang".  Surely, setting all things aside, they haven't had a taste of Fury.  This is what Fury is born to do.  Bringing it to your town!  But on December 2, 2017 the Trojans will get their chance to see the "Gorilla Dance" up close and personal.  Safe travels, and we'll see you there!

">Gorilla Dance


Eric Bailey is a 2017 MLFR Hall of Fame Nominee

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Las Vegas, NV – The December 1 & 2, 2017 weekend has been confirmed and set.  Both teams are preparing to put it all on the line for the upcoming 2017 MLFR National Championship Weekend in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  Capital City Fury and Las Vegas Trojans will battle it off in the feature game of the weekend to for the 2017 MLFR National Championship.  Let’s not forget that the weekend is also dedicated to the Hall of Famers of the game.  With everything going the right way, the success continues when Fury now has a Nominee for the MLFR Hall of Fame.  In our recent finding, we found that Fury’s very own Owner, Eric Bailey is a Nominee to be inducted into the MLFR Hall of Fame.  Good luck Eric, we hope you get voted into the Hall of Fame.  The nominee deadline is October 10, 2017.  I'm not too sure what happens after that which and how the voting will are handled, but as soon as we find out, we'll definitely post it on the website.  For all types of group discounts, please make sure to stay connected with our Twitter and Facebook.  If you haven't already search us and like us.

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It’ll be week 13 for the NFL season at that time, as the teams fight for final playoff spots.  Pivotal divisional games that week may play an important factor in playoff implications in games such as Panthers at Saints.  It’s pretty early in the NFL season at the moment, but in week 13, the Ram at Cardinals may also be a big time game.  David Johnson is currently on IR, and may play the story of a possible comeback for this game.  On Monday night, the Steelers are at Bengals, which matchup almost always forces playoff implications this late in the season.  In Las Vegas, the future home of the Oakland Raiders, there will be a heavier battle with more at stake.

According to accuweather.com, Las Vegas usually averages about 60 during the day and 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night in early December.  With the current weather pattern as of late, that may change, so Fury should expect to play in a lot colder temperatures than typical.   At the moment, they expect December 1st and 2nd to be highs of 64 degree and 40-42 for the lows.

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Minor League Football Report has recently reported on their website of the current event.  The entire weekend will start on December 1, 2017 at 5:00PM with the 2017 MLFR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  Fury’s very own Eric Bailey is also a nominee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The deadline to make your vote is prior to October 15, 2017, the deadline.  Please make sure you vote for Eric Bailey.  The list of the 2017 HOF Nominees are listed below with a brief biography.


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The 2017 Minor League Football Report Hall of Fame Nominees

Marshall Slate, Player – LB/OL/DL  4X All Star, Marshall played LB with the Denver Pirates ’98 – 2000, He then went to play with the Metropolitan Wolverines as a LB,OL, and DL from 2001 – 2004, 2005-2006 with the Mile High Grizzlies he played OL/DL. 2006 Marshall went on to play with the Denver Titans which won a Championship. In 2008 he played with the Colorado Cobras. 2009 played with the Broomfield Dawgs, his work took him to South Dakota in 2010 – 2011. Marshall finished playing in 2012 with the North Metro Thunder. His All Star years were with the Pirates  ’99, the Wolverines 2003, the Cobras 2008. His 2002 to him were most exciting as he played for Team Colorado All Stars.Nominated by Mike Rivera Member 2015 Hall of Fame 

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Raymond “POPS” Marchan, Manager – Pops was the “equipment manager” every team wants to have, Favored, liked, and dearly loved by players and staff. Pops was the “equipment manager” of the Mountain View Flyers from 1992 – 1998. Pops then went to the Redwood City Dodge Forty Niners also to serve as “the go to person” when needed from 1999 – 2003. Pops excelled in game day logistics and issuing everything from football equipment and uniforms. Regardless of the organization he served, he was always the hardest working man at preparation and on game day. Nominated by James Clarke 2006 Hall of Fame Member. 

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John Altes, Player  - Defensive Lineman – John Played with the Austin 1998 – 1999. Played for the Austin Rattlers 1999- 2002. In 2003 John returned to the Austin Gamebreakers where played until 2008. While a player John was a 5X All Star and team captain on many occasions. He was a 2 time champion with the Austin Rattlers and a 2 time champions with the Austin Gambreakers. John was also a National Star in the NAFL and also the WFL and also played with Team USA in 2006. John eventually went on to coach with the Austin Vipers and then the Texas Xtreme. Nominated by Mark Nomura 2016 Hall of Fame Member.

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James Farinha SR., Player – Offensive Lineman - Casper Storm 2008 – 2011,  2X All Star. In 2011 went to play with the Wyoming Knights of the American Development Football League in Denver Colorado where James was a 3X All Star. James became owner Wyoming Knights prior to the beginning of the 2012. Where James was Owner/ Coach/ Player. Playing all positions on both the offensive line and defensive line as needed. In 2012 the Knights were we were asked & agreed to play an Arena game in Cheyenne against the Cheyenne Warriors. Nominated by HOF member Mike Rivera and Darren Magpie

Scott Sutak, Player – OL/DL - Lafayette Co University of Northern Colorado 1982-1986. Started playing with Boulder Bandits semi Pro 1986 -1989  Played Iron Man football and played both ways. Played All-star game 1988 won 1 Championship 1989. Played with the Denver Outlaws 1990 – 1992. After 2 years the Outlaws folded. Scott went and played OL/DL with the Colorado Wildcats 1993 -1996 and made the All Stars. Scott then went to play for the Colorado Wolverines 1996-1999 South Denver once again playing OL/DL. In 1999 Scott hurt his knee ending his career.  Nominated by HOF member Mike Rivera and Darren Magpie

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Jeffery Dottson, Player –Running Back- 2003 – 2016, 2003 -2007 Grand Junction scorpions position Played RB. Rushed for over 1000 yards a season. League was Rocky Mountain Football conference. Won 3 Champions with the Grand Junction Scorpions. 4X All Star. 2007-2016  Grand Junction Gladiators  played RB played in 2 Different Leagues Rocky Mountain Football Conference and the American Development Football League. Playing with the Gladiators won 5 Championship. Played 5X All Star. 2015 played with ADFL COLORADO All Stars in Las Vegas. Nominated by HOF member Mike Rivera and Darren Magpie

C.C. Losli, Player –Defensive Line - 1st year of semi pro football played for the Rocky Mountain thunder in 94 and 95. 3rd year played for the North metro sharks 95 96 made all Star team 95 and 96 as Defense line. Started with a new team played Red Raiders 97 98 99 2000 made the Colorado All-star team 97 98 99. 2001 played for the Denver Titans. In 2002 played with the Colorado Lightning. In 2003 started playing with the Mile High Panthers. C.C. finished his last year with the Broomfield Dogs in 2004. Nominated by HOF member Mike Rivera and Darren Magpie 

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Josh Chopper, Player – Offensive Line in college played for Miami Hurricanes in 1990. Transferred to Hastings Nebraska played 2 years 1991, 1992 as OL.1st Year of Semi pro football played for the Denver Bulls 93 -94. 94 played in the All star game. 94-96 Colorado Wild Cats. 96 All-star game. Denver Titans 1997-1998. All-star game 98. Colorado Sharks 1999-2000. 1 championship with the Denver Bulls in 1995 nominated by HOF member Mike Rivera and Darren Magpie

Stephanie Fisher, Executive - She started her career in Minor League Football in 1998 as an owner of the Mile High Eagles from 1998 – 2000, She then went on to serve as the General Manger for Denver Titans from 2001 – 2005, after somewhat of a break she returned in 2014 as the General Manager for the Colorado Greyhawks. In 2016 – 2017 she became the General Manager for the Englewood Eagles. Through the years she was a general manager of the Denver Titans when they won the Colorado Football Conference Championship in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. She was also a part of the Colorado Greyhawks when they won the Colorado Football Conference Championship in 2014 and 2015.During those years Stephanie also served as the CFC Treasurer in 2000 and 2001. She served as Assistant Commissioner in the CFC in 2004, 2005, 2006. In 2016 she was and remains the Secretary of the Colorado Football Conference.

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Bruce Warren, Player – Linebacker  – Stats, Tackles 2,230, Interceptions 39, sacks 154, forced fumbles 95, Safeties 12, Fumble Recoveries 66, Defensive TD’s 8. Bruce played on 10 Championship teams. 1993, 1994, 1995 Tornadoes GRFL Champions, 2001 Makos CFA Champions, 2009 Raiders UAFL Champions, 2014, 2015, 2016 ELIITE / PAC West (League Champs), also in same year 2016 Desert Sentinels / Super8 League *Arena, 2016 / HD 49ers / PAC West (League Champs. Nominated by Dennis Morris MLFN HOF 2009

Rudy Mendez, Player – Guard, Tackle, and Defensive Tackle played since 2001 for the Headhunters in the Arizona Football League made the all-stars several times and won countless awards. Dominated the OL for 16 years. Rudy tried retiring but was called out of it not once but 3 times.

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Bill Medina, Player – Guard, Tackle, and Defensive Tackle played since 2001 for the Headhunters in the Arizona Football League made the all-stars several times and won countless awards. Dominated the OL for 16 years. Bill tried retiring but was called out of it not once but 3 times.

Nomination of Rudy Mendez and Bill Medina played side by side for 16 years. This nomination is a bit unusual but very deserving as they have been a team of road graders to be reckoned with for so many years. Upon retirement of Anthony LaBarbera the head coach Headhunters, Rudy Mendez became the Head Coach and Bill Medina became the owner of the Headhunters in 2017. It is only fitting that this INSEPARABLE TANDEM to this date since 2001 continue their careers in Minor League Football together with induction to the Minor League Football Hall of Fame. Both Nominated by Anthony LaBarbera MLFN HOF 2005


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Sherman Gillum Sr., Player/Manager – Player Career span of 23 years beginning in 1990 with the Kenner City Chiefs and ending in 2013 with the Louisiana Pride. While playing he contributed to 4 minor league titles and another 7 title game appearances. 2 of the championship titles came while with the Kenner City Chiefs in the IFL in 1990 and also in 1999.  In 2007 he helped to win a championship title with Louisiana Survivors in the SWFA. He also contributed to winning a 4th championship title with the New Orleans Gladiators in 2012 in the SAFL. Among his many attributes he is most proud of his longevity in the game lasting long enough to have played 3 full seasons with his eldest son (DeShawn) and his youngest son (Sherman Jr.) and winning a Championship with his eldest son in the SAFL. After entering retirement Mr. Gillum now serves as Executive Board Member and Director of Football Operations for the newly formed Crescent City Kings Football Organization which to date have won 2 Division titles, 1 Conference Championship and an appearance in 2015 in a national championship in the Grid Iron Football League. Nominated by Darren Magpie

Danny Scott, Player – 17 Year Defensive and Offensive Lineman in the Colorado Football Conference, with teams the likes of the Colorado Panthers, Denver Warriors, Rocky Mountain Reapers, Metropolitan Wolverines, North Metro Red Raiders, Colorado Wildcats, Mile High Eagles, Denver Titans, Nebraska Pounders, and the Denver Pirates. Unfortunate for Danny, teams fold as is common in minor league football. Danny remained loyal to the game nonetheless. Danny is and was always a real team player and an asset to every team he played for. Danny was the player that seemed to always get hurt but bounced back the very next play. Danny’s competitive spirit and team attitude earned him 4 All Star awards with the Wolverines, Titans, Grizzlies and the Denver Pirates. Danny also played in 2 championship games. Since his retirement as a player, Danny has coached for the following teams; the Metropolitan Wolverines, the Denver Titans, and the Mile High Grizzlies. Nominated by Gene Essman HOF Member Class of 2016

Eric Bailey, Player/Owner/General Manager - Exemplifies the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character. Eric has been a vital part of the Capital City Fury for the past 2 decades. He played a major role as he won rushing titles, all star awards and multiple team MVP awards. In the process he helped the Fury achieve numerous championships. He evolved from the playing field with the same passion to ownership and manager of the Fury. Most recently in the past 2 years with Eric as the owner and general manager, the Fury have won Back to Back PCFL Championships and achieved a record of 25 – 0. Nominated by 2006 Minor League Football Hall of Fame Member and founding father of the Capital City Fury Charlie Ruiz.

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Scott Wallace, Player-  Inside linebacker CFC 1991 thru 1998 Colorado Wildcats Scott appeared in 6 championships helping to win 4 championships. Scott was a 6 time 1st team All Star. He helped lead a defense that only allowed 14 points in 24 games. Scott was a participant in the Pittsburgh IPFL Arena Football training camps in 1999 and 2000. Favorite things about the game for Scott, was of course being a linebacker and busting heads. More importantly no matter about color, background or any of that BS that one is led to believe, was ever in the huddle and it doesn’t separate us Now! Scott “We all had a common goal. A bond is formed among football players that only we understand. No matter where we are or who we meet that has played football, the bond is there.... A Brotherhood!!!” Nominated by Jason Lechuga MLFR HOF 2014 and Rob Esquivel MLFN HOF 2004

John Socha, Player - Inside Linebacker Played in the Colorado Football Conference (CFC) 1991-1999, with the ​Colorado Wildcats 7 years and with the ​Metro Wolverines- 2 years. John participated in 6 championships of the 6 Championships he helped to win 4 Championships. John was ​6 time 1st team all star starting inside linebacker. John “ It is truly an honor to even be considered for induction, and is a blessing to be recognized for all of our hard work and dedication during that time we played. For me the best thing about playing football with all of the people that we have was at the most cruicial time in the game my teammates always knew that they could count on me being there to support them or make a big play. It was always about the guy standing next to you and not letting them down when they counted on you the most! I always tried to bring Humor, Integrity, intensity and leadership to every practice and every game that I was apart of.  Nominated by Jason Lechuga MLFR HOF 2014 and Rob Esquivel MLFN HOF 2004




Matt Eleopoulos, Executive/Owner/Coach - Matt first entered semipro football in 1997. Matt played with the Solano Chiefs through 1998. He then coached a year of high school and entered the Police Academy. He then returned to the Chiefs in 2006 and coached through 2012. First as a position coach, but the pull of the game was too strong so he also played. In 2010 Matt took over as owner of the Solano Chiefs from HOF'er Ed Sememschin. He was owner/HC/OC from 2010-2012 until he moved out of the Solano area. From 2013-2014 Matt was an owner/DC/OC with the Capital City Fury. When the Fury took a hiatus for 2015, he was with the River City Royals as an owner, and stepped in at the last minute to fill the role of OC. In addition to player and ownership roles, he was instrumental in the forming of the PCFL in 2010 which is now in its 9th season. After a tumultuous inaugural season, Matt stepped in as interim commissioner, his integrity and influence helped the league get on track. He also was the PCFL League Treasurer from 2011-2012. Nominated by Member of the PCFL Advisory Board Mike Eleopoulos

Ken Curry, Player/Executive – Ken started playing semi pro football in 2005 with the Norcal Lawmen. The Lawmen were 2006/2007 GCFL Champions. Ken was also a first team All American. In 2006 Ken was the Offensive MVP of the team as an Offensive Lineman. He helped manage a website which was a social media platform for football players. In 2010 Ken started providing media assistance for PCFL. Ken was also the PCFL Commissioner From 2011-2013. In 2012 Ken was very instrumental with others in restructuring the PCFL helping to elevate the league to a serious and respectable AAA level. Ken’s integrity and influence played a major role in shaping the PCFL into what it is today. Nominated by Member of the PCFL Advisory Board Mike Eleopoulos



Bruce Madden, Coach - 1976 - April 22, 2017, Oklahoma Thunder Head Coach 2004-2010. His all time head coaching record is 81-10. Bruce was one of the original founders of the legendary Oklahoma Thunder franchise. Six years after Bruce's retirement the Thunder is one of the top teams in the nation on a yearly basis because of the foundation he established. Bruce Madden ended his Semi-pro head coaching career with a 43 game winning streak and 3 consecutive World Football League championships, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Bruce was selected as the World Football League coach of the year in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

In 2009 his offense broke the national record for points per game by scoring a staggering 74.1 points per game and allowing only 3.4 and Bruce was selected as the Minor League Football News Coach of the Year.

After leaving the Thunder in 2010 Madden coached High School football in Oklahoma until his cancer diagnosis in April of 2016. In March of 2017 while in the final stages of his battle with cancer, Bruce made a final return to the semi pro game he had dominated years before. He joined the Tri-City Panthers of the Central Football League. On April 22, 2017 Bruce lost his battle with cancer. His imprint on the team was infinite and two months after his passing the Panthers won Bruce his final championship. Bruce Madden's career was a true measure of excellence in semi pro football. Video Tribute


Nominated by James Burkheart HOF Class of 2014

Terry Luster, Player - 9 Time All Star, Terry played multiple positions ranging from QB, WR, RB, DB, LB, DE and also TE where in 2006 earned the award for Tight End of the year. In 2013 Rich Reye’s Colorado Man of the Year, 3 Championship appearances, with Titans, Pirates, and Mile High Grizzlies. Played with the 2008 Colorado Conference Championship Mile High Grizzlies. Terry also played with the 2001—Rapid City Red Dawgs (Arena Football). Terry currently serves as a coach with the Colorado Panthers. Nominated by Mike Rivera 2015 HOF Member



Keith Clay, Player -  Played with the Austin Gamebreakers from 2000 – 2008 and helped to win 5 Championships and won  an MVP award 5 times in multiple leagues, Texas United Football League, North American Football League, and the World Football League with multiple 100 + yards rushing titles and scoring titles. Keith then joined the Austin Vipers playing with them from 2009 – 2015. While with the Vipers, Keith more than contributed to winning 5 Championships. Keith earned another 5 MVP awards in multiple leagues starting with the STAF League in 2011, XFL League in 2013, Sunshine Bowl National Championship, the MPFL League in 2015, and again in the Sunshine Bowl National Championship, while at the same time earning multiple rushing and touchdown titles as well. Keith through his humbleness, his somewhat quiet demeanor, and team leadership has never been one to boast of his accomplishments. Keith prefers and would rather recognize those instrumental in helping him achieve his awards and titles, his family, his coaches and his teammates whom he is forever grateful too. Keith with all that he has accomplished wants to make sure he never takes people for granted. When learning of his nomination Keith states, “The Hall of Fame means the world to me not just because you get a ring, it's because you become a part of a very prestige brotherhood and develop a bond that can't be broken. It would be an honor to be in the semi pro hall of fame but the greatest honor has been the journey, the relationships and the life lessons.” Nominated by Hank Morris 2016 HOF member.

Kerry Overton, Coach – Austin Gamebreakers 2002- 2003, Austin Gamebreakers offensive coordinator 2004 -  2008, Kerry became Gamebreakers Head Coach and OC during that time he was instrumental in winning 6 Division titles, 3 conference titles and in 2006, the North American Football League 2 (NAFL) National Championship. He then took a 5 year break until 2011 when Coach Overton joined and became a member of the Austin Vipers family and immediately took the reins as the Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and QB coach. His legacy of excellence continued as the Austin Vipers won 2 League Championships, and 2 National Championships with a third looming. Kerry’s biggest love is his wife Anita of 25 years his 6 children, and loves giving back to the community. His greatest pleasure is training his son Kyle at position of QB. Kerry is a long time resident of Austin, Texas and proud alumni of Lyndon Baines Johnson High School. Kerry attended Rice University in Houston, Texas where he excelled academically and athletically. Upon graduating from Rice University, Kerry attended the University of Texas at Austin pursuing and obtaining dual Master’s degrees from the schools of Business and Public Affairs. Professionally, Kerry is Executive Manager for Austin Energy. Kerry’s dedication and love of family, the game of football, his success and his achievements in youth football leagues and minor league football have earned him the honor of being in the Minor League Football Hall of Fame. Nominated by Hank Morris 2015 HOF Member



Marcus London, Player -QB/WR – Played spring and summer semipro football, played in 175 games over 18 seasons as a QB/WR with 12 playoff appearances and 5 Championship appearances, winning two with  the Tulsa Stampede in 1999 and the Oklahoma Thunder in 2009. Prior to the 2011 season with the Arkansas Warriors, Marcus was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. Immediately following chemotherapy London returned to the field and helped guide the Warriors to an 11-3 season and their first league Championship appearance. As he continued his battle with cancer Marcus played and appeared in two more league championships in 2012 and 2015. Retiring in 2015, London currently resides in Northwest Arkansas and continues to be involved in semipro football as a live broadcast announcer for Springdale Sports Network covering semipro football. Marcus was a 9 time league All Star, a 2 time National All Star and nominee to team USA in 2000. Nominated by James Burkheart 2014 HOF Member. Media Coverage of his diagnosis -


Keldric Stokes, Player - Chippewa Valley Predators (GPFL & NEFL) 07-10 | 2006 GPFL Rookie of the year, 2007 GPFL League MVP,2007 All Star Game MVP 2009 NEFL Champ, 2010 NEFL League MVP, Eidsvoll 1814s (Norway) 2008 League Champions, League and Finals MVP, Lake Superior Rage (NEFL) 2012 – 2013, Chippewa Valley Predators (NEFL)2015, 2016 NEFL League MVP. All total 8 time All Star, 4 League MVP awards, 2 league Championships. Nominated by Kendalle Delaney Sr. 2016 HOF Member



Deron Blaize, PLAYER -

In 2000, Blaize started played with the Bayou City Gators in Houston, where he recorded 1 Interception, 2 Fumble Recoveries, and over 25 Tackles.  The following year, he played for Houston Wolverines and set record numbers.  In 2001 he collected 14 Interceptions and 15 deflections during the regular season.  In the playoffs, he recorded 3 Interceptions and 6 Deflections.  Since 2002 he has been a part of 5 League Championships, 11 Conference Finals, and over 100 Interceptions.  He is a 10 time All Star, Defensive Player of the Year, Season MVP and a Championship MVP. 

Deron has since retired and coached the Houstson Wolverines for the past 2 years as a Defensive Coordinator of a Defense that is ranked #2 in the League. 

Starkey Long, Player/Coach.  Wide Reciever and Quarterback with 11 Conference Championships and 7 league Championships in the GCFA.  He played for Houston Wolverines in 2002 and led the team with 13 Touchdown Receptions.  Long also threw for 16 TD’s.  The following the year he had 17 Receiving Touchdowns, and threw 20 Touchdowns.  Not to mention winning back to back championships, he was a part of the 24-2 record and in 2004 was selected as QB of the Year.  In 2007 he was injured, and came back to lead the Wolverines to a 2008 undefeated season at 13-0.  In 2010, he joined the Texas Red Raiders and was the team’s WR/QB/Offensive Coordinator.  In 2011 the team won the Texas United Football Association Championship, defeating his former team the Houston Wolverines.  He’s continued to play from 2012 to 2016 and took on a more active role as the Offensive Coordinator.  He hung up his cleats after the 2016 season, ending his 14 year career with notable achievements of 12 All Star appearances, 7 Championship Game appearances, winning 5 Titles, 1 League MVP,  2 time League Offensive Player of the Year, and 1 Receiver of the Year.



Raven Keene, Player/Coach/Administrator – Played for 1993 Nor Cal Lawmen- 1995-1997 Nor Cal Lawmen - 1998 assisted in starting the Gold Coast Amateur Football League (GCAFL)  Nor-Cal Lawmen make semi-finals and lost to eventual champions Sacramento Stray Dogs.  In 1999 Nor-Cal Lawmen wins the championship beating the Sacramento Stray Dogs.  In 2000 Nor-Cal Lawmen wins a second (gcafl) championship defeating the Mendocino Loggers.  Lawmen were voted State Champions in 2001.  Nor Cal Lawmen appeared in third straight (gcafl) Championship Game, and lost to Capital City Fury ending a 29 consecutive game win streak.  Raven Keene is retired as a Player, and played Linebacker from 1993-2001, and coached west all-stars for the mlfh. Nominated by boots james hof member 2008

Michael Anthony Norwood Jr., Player/Coach/Administrator -   He played on the 2006 Ottawa Renegades of the Canadian Football League before team went bankrupt. 2007-2011 he was a Defensive Tackle with stallions of Country Club Hills. MLFN All American 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, 2007 GMFL All Star, 2007 Stallions Rookie of the Year, 2007 – 2008 Stallions Most Valuable Lineman, 2008 Casino Bowl Invitee, 2008 AFL Defensive MVP, 2008 – 2010 AFL All Star, 2008 All American Bowl participant (minnesota) 2009 AFL Defensive MVP

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Norwood also played in 2012 Casino Bowl, 2008-2014 - played Defensive Tackle on team USA Eagles, 2013-14 Criciúma Slayers/Miners in Brazil.  He played Defensive Tackle and coached abroad in Criciúma, SC, Brazil. Led Slayers to first big win in Itepma bowl. Norwood had five tackles, one forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. Redesigned the team’s playbook on Offense and Defense. Aids in recruiting to send players to Brazil and in the USA. Nominated by Darren Magpie

Eric Joseph Samaniego, Player/Coach – Started at 18 years old and a 7 time All Star with 7 playoff appearances - San Angelo Cavalry, San Angelo Spartans and West Texas Scorpions. 2 time Bowl Champion Cancer Awareness Bowl (Susan G. Komen)-Armed Forces Bowl. 3 time State Champion -West Texas Scorpions, 1 League Championship - West Texas Scorpions, runner up National Championship with West Texas Scorpions, team captain on all teams he played with. Eric started coaching in 2015 - Asstistant O.C./Offensive Line Coach North Texas Stampede and West Texas Drillers. Currently in 2017- Assistant Head Coach/Asstistant O.C/Offensive Line Coach/Defensive Line Coach with West Texas Scorpions. Eric is community service oriented holding a minimum of 3 free football camps for youth ages 7 – 18 setting an example for minor league football players and the community. Eric serves as a Deputy Sheriff for Tom Green County Sheriffs Dept in San Angelo, Texas. As a result of employment had to give up playing and start coaching at 28 years old. Submitted by David Samaniego, JR HOF 2015

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Mark H. Buford, Player/Executive – played minor league football from 1996 – 2013 a span of 17 years during that time Mark also served as member of the board of directors through 2011 and as the General Manager for the Colorado Spring Flames from 2005 – 2009. Mark played football while in the Army from later switching to play Rugby. In 1996 Mark joined the Colorado Springs Flames and played through 2013. He participated in 7 championship games winning in 1999, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Mark was selected as an all-star on multiple occasions while in the Colorado Football Conference. In 2007 played and participated with the USA Eagles from 2007 – 2013. He played in many international games from Mexico to Europe. Also played with the Mainland All Stars in 2008 and 2009 in Hawaii. Mark eventually started coaching and mentoring young players. Nominated by 2016 HOF Member Gene Essman



David King, Player - Mountain View Flyers/ Flying Tigers 93-98. Position Kicker: Holds the longest Field of 58 yards VS the Mendicino Loggers USAFF 1995. First team from 1993 – ’98. David had a 97% success rate on Field goals from inside 45 yards. In 1994 against the East Bay Buccaneers he kicked 5 Field Goals and 4 extra points.  Nominated by 2006 HOF Member James Clarke

Manuel Alcantar, Coach/Defensive Coordinator - Manuel begin coaching in 2011 and made a quick rise as a coach.  Manuel started coaching with the AZFL West Valley Headhunters (Arizona). More recently he was with the GFL Southwest Stampede. With the Headhunters he managed an impressive record of 50-11 record helping lead his team to 3 state championship games. Transitioning from one league to another and switching teams Coach Alcantar's success did not drop off as he lead the Southwest Stampede to back to back championship appearances with a record of 21-5 in the GFL. Manuel’s current minor league record holds solid at a 73-15 with 5 championship game appearances in a 6 season span. Manuel is planning on taking off in 2018 to focus and dedicate himself to his high school program at Cesar Chavez High School (Laveen, AZ.) Nominated by Coaches James Fischer G.F.L (class of 2015) and Anthony LaBarbera  A.Z.F.L.  (Class of 2005)

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James Smith, Player - Mountain View Flyers/ Flying Tigers 1993-1998 Redwood City Forty Niners 1999-2004 Position Receiver : 1st team USAFF 94-95-96-97  01-03 Lead The Flyers/Tigers to two consecutive USAFF Amateur Bowls. 96-97. He played with 2016 HOF Inductee Corneal Washington and was a favorite receiver of his. Nominated by 2006 HOF Member James Clarke.

Kevin Woods, Player - Mountain View Flyers/Flying Tigers 92-98 Redwood City Forty-Niners 1999-2004 Position DL. First Team DL 94-98-1999-2004 Averaged 7 Solo's a game with no less than 2 sacks a game. So tenacious he was often referred to as “the Warren Sapp” in minor league football. Teams adjusted their offense to run away from him, only to run into 2009 HOF inductee Carl Stevens. Nominated by 2006 HOF Member James Clarke

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Brad Newnham, Player/Administrator/Coach - Played MLB, TE and OL. Brad’s career in minor league football started in the 1980’s. He played for the Hayward Outlaws from California. He later played for the Concord Showboats then moved on to play with the Pacifica Outlaws going undefeated from 1993 – 1995. Brad then played with East Bay Buccaneers. In 1996 Brad joined the Sacramento Straw Dogs winning a championship 3 consecutive years. Brad played both spring and fall football. 1999 saw Brad moving onto the NorCal Lawmen team where they won back to back championships. In 2001 Brad playing with the NorCal Lawmen lost in the championship but returned in 2002 regaining their championship. At his point Brad was asked and made General Manager. Brad later joined the North Bay Rattlers contributing to a National Championship in 2012. Brad remained part of the North Bay Rattlers until 2016 when he retired form Minor League Football. Brad contributed to Minor League football for over 30 years. Nominated by 2008 Hall of Fame Member Henry (Boots) James.

Andre Walker, Player and Coach – Played Defensive Back beginning with the Sacramento Stray Dogs 1996 -1999 winning 2 championships. In 1999 Andre played for the NorCal Lawmen contributing to the beginning of a semi pro football dynasty. In 1999 the Lawmen defeated the Stray Dogs for a championship. In 2000 they repeated as champions. 2001 the Lawmen were runner-ups. In 2002 the Lawmen regained their championship by defeating the Solano Chiefs. Andre was voted #1 cornerback from 1999-2002. He received honors to All West Coast Selection by the NAFL. 2004 – 2005 Andre became a part of the Capital City Fury. Andre returned to the NorCal Lawmen in 2006. He contributed heavily to defeat the Fury in the championship 14-8 and was voted the MVP.  Andre returned to school in 2008 to become a coach. He coached at Clayton Valley High Charter School. In 2012 Andre returned to the field helping to coach the North Bay Rattlers to a National Championship. Andre continues to work with Clayton Valley High Charter School in football and track and is now a teacher in the classroom. Nominated by 2008 Hall of Fame member Boots James.



Tony Zefiretto, Executive - Currently serving as the CEO of American Arena Football League, served in different capacities with the Augusta Colts Arena Football team as well as the Myrtle Beach Stingrays Arena Football team, Coached Lafayette High School to undefeated season and championship in 1985, served as a an assistant coach at Brooklyn College 1982 -1983. Tony also served as a football official from 1978 – 1986. Tony was nominated by Jack Bowman 2004 Minor League Football Hall of Fame Member.

Rudy Guzman,  Executive/Team Owner - Rudy was owner of the Victoria Texans which were CRAFL league Champions and highly ranked nationwide. Rudy then spread his wings forming the Bay City Texans. Current team owner of the Victoria Hurricanes in the CRAFL in Texas. He coaches and assists in managing the game. Doing all this he always finds time to promote not only the game of football, but his passion in helping non-profit organization after non-profit organization by raising and donating funds to groups such as the Women’s Center for Battered Wives, the Court Appointed Special Advocates - Golden Crescent group, and many other children’s programs, as well as supporting Veterans groups.



Leonard Jeffries Jr., Player - played left Offensive and Defensive Tackle for the Gary Golden Bears from 1995 - 2000’s 2 all-star nominations 1996 and 1997. Then played for the Lake County Steelers from  2000’s - 2005 when he joined the Great Lake Wolfpack. Was selected as  Offensive Lineman of the Year in the Northwest Indiana Football League. After playing for the Great Lake Wolfpack, Leonard took his last ride before hanging up the pads with the Illinois Spartans where he was also an all-star lineman. He played with the Illinois Spartans from 2008 to 2011. Leonard  announced his retirement in 2011. Leonard was nominated by Kendalle Delaney Sr. 2016 Minor League Football Hall of Fame Member.

Jason Harrison, Player - played running back and started playing minor league football on 2009 with the Helsinki Wolverines and selected as 2009 Rookie of the year, rushing 106 times for 1361 yards. He also was a punt returner. Jason was a member of the  2011 National Champion Pacific Islanders and selected as the MVP in the National Championship Game running for 210 yards and 2 tds against the Georgia Firebirds in Las Vegas. While playing with the Islanders was selected as Best of the West Running Back. Jason also ran for 160 yards in the PCFL Championship against the River City Gators. Jason is currently coaching with the South Bay Patriots in the Pacific Coast Football League. Jason was nominated by Ron Birdsall 2015 Hall of Fame Member

Ronald White, Player - Ronald while in Gary Indiana played the Gary Golden Bears semi pro football team from 1996 to 1999. He then went to play with Lake County Steelers from 1999 to 2000. In 2000 he also played with the Chicago Force winning the Mid State Football championship and later also in 2003. He coached Pop Warner Football until he decided to form his own Semi Pro Football team calling them the Great Lakes Wolfpack. Ronald has his team until 2008. In 2008 he decided to shutdown and started coaching with the Illinois Spartans. He became an assistant football coach at the Gary Lighthouse High School and then became the high school Head Coach at at Gary Roosevelt High school in Gary Indiana from 2012 – 2015.  Ronald was nominated by Kendalle Delaney Sr. 2016 Minor League Football Hall of Fame Member.

Michael Rogers, Player - Michael played safety with the Baltimore Bears and the Baltimore Renegades. Michael was an All Star 5 of the 7 years he played. He attended high school at Woodlawn Senior High School Baltimore County then went to college at Howard University where he played. Mike was also on the board of directors of the Baltimore Renegades. Mike was a correctional officer for several years and well known in the community. Mike passed away in May 2017. Michael was nominated by Randi Brunner 2005 Minor League Football Hall of Fame Member.

Continuing on with the weekend, on December 2, 2017 will be game day.  Starting at 9AM will be the Women’s All-Star Game between Women’s East versus Women’s West All Stars.  Definitely a game to watch.  Go Girls!  The game follows with another All-Star Game between Texas-Cali All Stars versus Colorado All Stars at 12PM.  The MLFR National All Stars will play against the California All-Stars at 3PM.  We may find a few of our friends from PCFL in those two games.

The featured game of the weekend is set to kick off at 7:30PM.  Capital City Fury will play against Las Vegas Trojans for the 2017 MLFR National Championship.  It’s usually pretty dark at night time at around 7:30, so the temperature will fall quickly from 64 degrees.  In desert, the wind chill may not be of an issue, but Fury should prepare for everything in this championship game.  MLFR confirmed that they improved the playing field in response to Colorado’s reaction in an article with DFUSA.  The playing field will be at its grandest, and the stakes will be higher than ever for Fury.  It’s time to bring the FURY! 


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Game Details

Location:  Ed W. Clark High School, 4292 Pennwood Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Time: 7:30PM

Date:  December 2, 2017 

Ticket Prices:  $10

What's Next for Fury?

User Rating: 5 / 5

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If you don't think Capital City Fury is the best semi-pro football team on the west coast, then you'll have to talk to these group of men individually.  Then you're going to have to talk to the last few teams that played against them.  They're so good, they're moving up the charts...fast.  At the moment, the team is expecting to compete in a Minor League Football Report National Championship game in Las Vegas, NV on December 2, 2017.  


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From the research that I've done so far, I see Fury with a few options to go from here.  But I may be wrong.  Option #1 is to play in Las Vegas on December 2, 2017 in Minor Football League Reports National Championship game.  Then there's option #2 which will feature another National Championship weekend in DeLand, Florida by the United States Football Association in January.  They feature more teams from the east coast.  There will be more information posted on Fury's team Facebook, Twitter and the website as they become available.  

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In a recent publishing on leaguelineup.com by Minor League Football Report which shows a new Top 25 team ranking as of September 6, 2017.  Here is the list of rankings.


*2016 MLFR Defending National Champions

United States Football Association is another organization that crowns a National Champion.   They host an annual Championship Football weekend consisting of top teams in the nation since 2008.  You can check their website from the following link.  www.nationalbowlweekend.com.  

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 The top 25 teams are all very interesting.  We won't go through the entire list, but we'll definitely take a look at the two teams that are currently ranked higher than Capital City Fury who ranks at #3 in the nation.

#2 Colorado Greyhawks



Last year's Champions were the Colorado Greyhawks who are actually ranked #2 in this year's national polling by Minor League Football Report.  The team's hometown is in Denver, Colorado and are a part of the Colorado Football Conference.  They are led by Owner/Head Coach Rashad Ray.  They were founded in 2014 and have laid a strong foundation with a 48-2 record, 3 conference titles, 1 state title and 1 national title.  The team is lead by Bobby Purify, who is the second all-time leading rusher for the University of Colorado.  Pufiy was also a former member of the San Francisco 49ers.  Greyhawks are currently riding a 22-game winning streak.


The undisputed leader of the defense for the Greyhawks has been middle linebacker Jimmy Provost. He’s the heart and soul of the Defense. He is known as the big hitter, always looking to force turnovers, fumbles and whatever that keeps him hype.  He's usually the first defensive player to hit or play as an assist in tackle.   Receivers fear routes which cross the middle field when he's in the game.  Defensive Back Jo Jo Wilkerson, who plays both Safety and Cornerback for the Greyhawks, leads the team with nine interceptions. Joining him in the secondary is a familiar name in former Colorado Buffalo star Running Back Bobby Purify.

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Since their inaugural season in 2014, the Greyhawks have sought out competitive non-league games and this year was no different. To start off this season, the Greyhawks beat the defending Midwest Football Alliance Champions, Kansas City Bulldogs 28-6 to follow up a 28-0 win over the 2016 undefeated Texas United Football Association Champions, the Texas Colts in December.


In Colorado Football Conference play, the Greyhawks have pretty much rolled very much like Fury. They did have a slow start against the Northern Colorado Nightmare and led just 8-0 at halftime. They finished the game with a 30-0 win.  One of their secrets to a winning record is to rely on consistency.  Championships are won and lost in the trenches, which this team battles out their every game.  A team doesn’t win 96 percent of games just from talent and discipline alone. It also takes preparation for each game and a level headed approach to not overlook any game along the way.


Based on their reputation, the Greyhawks are always a coveted team, and are targeted to play in various “national championship” bowl games. This year, though, their plans aren’t as certain.  “As far as Vegas, for the money we spent the last two years and the service we got, the Greyhawks won’t be going to that game unless they change things,” Ray said.  “Our goal right now is to play in a national game on the East Coast or in Florida.”  It might be something Fury's Front Office want to consider to play in the a national championship game.


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 #1 Oklahoma Thunder


The Thunder is a team from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They too are on a winning streak which have been on-going for the past 2 years.  On September 3, 2017 they competed against the Chattanooga Eagles in the Gridiron Developent Football League Championship game in Chattanooga, Tennessee called Gridiron Bowl VIII.  Oklahoma Thunder won the game 51 - 12.  From watching the youtube video of the Gridiron Bowl VIII, they looked very strong and very similar to Fury.  That would definitely be a game to watch the 2 teams battle each other on the field.


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Based on their well-decorated history, the Thunder are never lacking in motivation.  In 2017 they had more to play for than just a back to back league title.  They lost about 5 players/coaches this past year.  Notably, Joey Crawford, who was a former team captain and Linebacker.  A stud on the team who's life ended by cancer.  The last time he played fro the Thunder was on the 2013 championship team.  A few days later, the team lost their first head coach Bruce Madden, who played a vital part in their first 3 national championships.


Offensively, the Thunder are led by four-time Player of the Year and former Oklahoma State Cowboy Prentiss Elliott. An explosive wide receiver that can play the inside or outside at about 6-foot-1, 205 pounds. He easily runs a 4.3 40-yard dash and he can jump out of the gym. He can make big plays on special teams, wide receivers, punt returns, kickoff, whatever. He’s not scared to hit either.



He’s the main go-to guy. When he’s hot, it’s hard to stop him. He opens the way up for Trae Johnson, former Tulsa All-American. This is his fifth year with the Thunder. He’s explosive and knows how to get open, he can jump out of the gym.


Although the Thunder will have to make up the production lost from the departure of wide receiver and return specialist Ryan Gallimore, former Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Brandon Sheperd and former arena standout Curtis Tucker will help shore things up to round out the receiving corps.  Last year’s Oklahoma Thunder Running Back of the Year Kenny Sessions will split carries with Carlos Velasquez on the ground to balance out the offensive attack.





Defensively, veteran Linebacker B.J. Hodshire leads the charge for the Thunder. He’s been with the team probably about eight years of the 10. He’s a big body, 6-4, 6-5, maybe 240 pounds. He’s slimmed down and got a little bit faster and cut up. He leads the defense, he understands the back end, the front end and everything.  Up front, long, lanker pass rusher Collrett Boyd looks to lead the Defensive Line from the end position and bring the pressure to opposing Offenses.  In the secondary, Cornerback Deion Ruble makes plays, even some that go the distance. He runs a 4.2 40 and he can run with anybody.



After watching a little bit of the Oklahoma and Colorado play their respected championship games on Youtube, I think Fury can easily be the #1 out of those top 3 teams in the nation.  No joke.  When I saw Colorado Greyhawks play, I thought they looked exactly like Fury.  Then I watched Thunder play, and I thought the exact same thing.  They look just like Fury on field.  There's a certain type of look as a fan when you watch a team interact with each other on the field.  The professionalism, athleticism and confidence that 10 pounds of pads and a helmet cannot hide.  That is what I saw in those 3 teams.  There is one final note that I'd like to mention and hopefully someone takes it into consideration.  The Greyhawk's Team Owner and Head Coach had a point of concern as they've been there for the past 2 years.

“As far as Vegas, for the money we spent the last two years and the service we got, the Greyhawks won’t be going to that game unless they change things,” Ray said.  “Our goal right now is to play in a national game on the East Coast or in Florida.”

Regardless of the reason(s) of the uncertainty, I hope that the folks at Minor League Football Reports make some changes.  But there is one thing that I do know for certain.  It would be one hell of a battle to watch 2 of those 3 teams to play for some type of national championship title.  I'll be traveling from Sacramento, so I’d rather go to Vegas than Florida.


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