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Tuesday, 17 October 2017




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Fury is King of the West Coast

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If you missed the game Saturday night, it's okay, you can watch it again here: 

  The game was awesome.  Both team "manned up".  It was everything that we thought it would be for a #1 versus #2 seed.  Both teams showed strength on both sides of the ball.  Both teams demonstrated fumble hitting defense, and an eluding physical offense.  If I were Nike I'd be interested in both teams.  If I were Adidas, each one of those players on the field deserved some type of contract.  If I were Reebok, I'd make sure my logo is on all of their jerseys.  Enough said....

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In the first quarter, both teams flexed their defense allowing 15 points total.  Fury lead the way with a score of 9-6.  Both teams scored a touchdown, but the difference in the score was a failed field goal by the Kings, which resulted in Fury running it back and taking the King's 2-point conversion.  Defense showed each other's offense that they were ready to play, and it’s not going to be easy early on.  It wasn't till about 5:34 in the second quarter that Fury finally scored another touchdown.  Normally, by the middle of the second quarter, both teams have already scored at least 21 points.  That's in a normal game.  This was far different.


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In the second quarter both teams flip flopped interceptions.  Kings returned one of those interception for a touchdown.  That pick 6 game the Kings the lead with a score of 18-17.  By the end of the first half, Kings threw an interception in the end zone with a final play from the Fury 2-yard line to end the first half.  That touchdown would have given the Kings the lead again going into the half.  Instead it was 24 - 18, Fury. 




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 Fury, like always, started the second half strong.  They immediately scored a touchdown extending the lead 31 – 18, which made the score tough to look at from the Kings perspective.  Fury never looked back after that score.  The Kings came out after the break showing fatigue.  You can definitely assume that the travel from yesterday and today’s heat played a factor in their performance. 




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At 5:45 in the 4th quarter, after Fury made the score 38 - 18, we started to see the good ol' Gorilla Gang Football take over the field.  A couple of fumbles and interceptions gave Fury absolute control of the game to extend their lead. The Kings were finally able to score a touchdown making the score 24 -45.  The on-side attempt by the Kings nearly converted with about 1:43 seconds left in the game.  The unfamiliar territory began to sink in for the Kings, as they begin to show defeat from miss tackles.   The final score of the game was 24 - 45, and Fury has won the game.


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This was a great football game.  I never counted out the Kings through-out the entire game.  They continued to show signs of a come-back that was about to happen.  But the fury was too great to handle.  The Gorilla Gang came out and we saw the victory dance.  It's time to move on to Las Vegas. Fury was challenged to for the Kingship in the West.  Now that we're done with that, who's next!

Thank you to all that came out to watch the game.  Thank you to the Kings for coming out, it was a tough game.  We had a great time.  Please drive back safely, as we'd like to see you next year.  Thank you also to the folks at See Game Live for broadcasting the game online in an effort to reach out to many that couldn't make it to the game.  You did a great job.  Excellent work.   Good luck to you all next season.






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