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Tuesday, 17 October 2017




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Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

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The Gorilla Gang Family stands with everyone in our country, in sending prayers to our brothers and sisters in Texas that are suffering through this horrific storm. Many reports shows the devastation that still lurks in this slow moving storm.

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On Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas coastline. The rain has yet to cease and thousands of people remain in shelters or in desperate need of help as the flood waters continue to rise and envelop homes in the Lone Star State.
What will come after the storm finally stops is a long, slow and expensive process to rebuild homes, communities and entire cities from the ground up. And that means donations will be greatly needed.

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But knowing where to give your donation dollars is more confusing than you may think. Moreover, tragedies like Hurricane Harvey tend to bring out both the best and worst in humanity.

We’ve gathered some information of donations that are already set up to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

houston_foodbank.png  Red+Cross+Hurricane+Harvey.png 



Disasters like the flooding that has followed Hurricane Harvey, displacing thousands of people, always create a tremendous need for help — and a tremendous desire to provide that help.

But those who have dealt with disasters before say people need to be careful about how they contribute to disaster relief, and when. Cash donations are almost always preferred over items — such as blankets, clothing and stuffed animals — often sent into overwhelmed disaster areas by well-meaning donors.


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Nonprofit groups say in this case that they're also preparing for an extremely long recovery, and that the needs almost certainly will change over time.

Still, there's been an immediate outpouring of aid, even as flooding continues to devastate areas of Texas and threaten Louisiana. The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other groups already have received millions of dollars in donations to provide shelter, food and other assistance to flood victims. And almost 300 online GoFundMe campaigns have raised more than a million dollars so far to help individuals and families affected by the storm.

hurricane-harvey-wading-out-rt-ps-170828_12x5_992.jpg  Hurricane-Storm-Cyclone-Weather.jpg


Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has also set up a special Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which is accepting tax-deductible donations. Turner says he did so in response to an overwhelming number of calls from people around the country who are eager to help. He says his city's needs are extensive.

"We've asked some of our business partners for things like diapers, baby formula," he said Monday. "We've got kids, babies. We've got all the way up to senior citizens. And they are needing everything — they're needing clothing, food, medical supplies."

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 AERObridge, an aviation support organization sustained solely by donations, was “determining the need to activate GA assets as it did in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy,” in 2012, said Marianne Stevenson, the organization’s president. “These operators, in particular, will play an enormous part in our response as only they can operate into the airports that will allow us to get desperately needed supplies and personnel close in to the areas of greatest need.” In the case of Hurricane Harvey, the relief organization predicted operations could potentially last well into the future. In past disasters, AOPA committed resources on behalf of GA to help fund AERObridge’s efforts, and plans to assist the organization with its efforts in Texas.

Rol Murrow, the president of the emergency volunteer air corps Air Care Alliance, suggested pilots, especially those who are seaplane-rated, contact local relief organizations to inquire how they can can help. However, he cautioned pilots to “double check all your planning and do not rush into affected areas or situations” while trying to help emergency operations. “You do not want to become part of the disaster.”

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#1 serenaedwards 2017-09-01 17:37
Those were pretty good programs to donate to. I have family in houston that are affected by the flood. Here's another link that we've been donating to as well. If you have left over gift cards that have small balances on them and you don't know what to do with them, donate it.

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